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The Beach

The beach

Walk through our coconut grove to get to the sublime beach-front and encounter a tranquil environment. The soft sand is warm beneath your feet while the glorious Indian ocean is spread ahead of you. The sun dances on the water as the waves roll in. The water changes colour from a distant ultramarine, to aquamarine, to turquoise to the white foam at your feet. Let the gentle lapping of the waves and the breeze in your hair sooth away your stress. Breathe in the fresh fragrance of the ocean and just unwind.


If you’re feeling playful, splash around in the water and have a sea-bath. Build a sandcastle or go surfing.


Villa Ocean View is a great location for sunbathing, swimming in the sea, surfing or just relaxing.

Customer Testimonials
Mr. Steve

“I’ve been to many beach resorts and Villa Ocean View comes second to no one. It’s the perfect holiday destination for everyone.”

Mr. Arnold

“We really enjoyed our stay. The sunset was a magical experience”

Mr. Johns

“A beautiful resort with very helpful, friendly, and professional staff. I was extremely impressed and will return soon”