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About Ocean View Resorts

The Ocean View group manages two leading beach resorts in Wadduwa and Induruwa respectively.


Both locations are well known for their scenic beauty, particularly as they face the Indian Ocean and have waving palms and golden sands. The hotels are not very far from the capital city of Colombo and this substantially enhances their attraction for tourists.

The Wadduwa property, Villa Ocean View Hotel, is situated in a landscaped coconut estate and was established in May 1981.

The hotel combines many features that have contributed to its high value as a beach tourist resort of enviable reputation.

The Villa Ocean View has 143 luxurious rooms and in addition, sports facilities covering Tennis, Badminton, Volley Ball and Mini Golf. There is also a fun playground for children.

It is significant that the Villa Ocean also maintains an Ayurvedic Health Centre. Among other attractive features in this hotel are the traditional oriental dancers, calypso groups, folk musicians and a resident elephant. All these have transformed this place into one of the most sought after destinations in the country. It is also a highly popular hotel for local tourists who are attracted by the leisure experience that is provided.

The Induruwa Beach Resort, the other property owned by Ocean View Resorts, is located further south of Colombo. The most outstanding features of the village of Induruwa are its broad beaches, verdant surroundings and traditional fishing. The main road from Colombo to Galle and the historic Railway which runs parallel to the main road adds an alluring charm to the location.

The Induruwa Beach Resort is also a resort type hotel that has 90 rooms which includes a Deluxe category and also six suites.

Similarly to Villa Ocean View, care has been taken to ensure that Induruwa Beach Resort provides for discerning guests, varied and added attractions in the form of recreational facilities, sports and entertainment including music.